Mazda RX-7 Japan Monster - Snap Case

  • 👉 Also available as Tough Case,T-Shirt, andHoodie.

    The Mazda RX-7 stands out as one of the few successful cars powered by a Wankel rotary engine. The legendary Japanese car turned out to be one of the greatest sports cars ever created because of the more reliable rotary engine. Represent the Japan Monster of the 1990's with our exclusive phone case!

    • Protect your phone from scratches and bulks with our super slim ‘Mazda RX-7 Japan Monster’ car phone case – made from hardened polycarbonate.
    • Personalized for all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.
    • Solid back and flexible sides, which makes it easy to take on and off.
    • Sealed with a high gloss finish, which protects and enhances the design.
    • Wireless charging compatible.
    • Made in the USA.