JDM Combo Green - Bride Backpack with Green Racing Harness Straps and brown leather bottom. Racing FD Car Wallet, NOS Bottle keychain, and Turbocharger keyring in green

JDM Backpack Bundle - Green

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Save more with our JDM Combo Green, which includes JDM Backpack with Green Racing Harness Straps, Racing FD Car Wallet, NOS Bottle Keychain, and Turbocharger Keychain in green!


JDM Backpack with green racing harness shoulder straps, bride pattern on the front pocket, and brown leather bottom.

The Racing Backpack is designed for all the car enthusiasts out there and is perfect to use when out at the track, school, or everyday use.

With the green harness shoulder straps and the authentic racing seat material on the front pocket, the bag will turn heads! This is the perfect gift for any car guy out there.

  • Ultra-strong authentic racing harness straps.
  • Large embroidered features on front pocket and back of the bag, in graduated shades of grey
  • Durable, padded leather-look base in brown, water-resistant & hard-wearing canvas lining
  • Bag dimensions: 20 x 15 inch / 51 x 38 cm.
  • Perfect gift for the Car & JDM enthusiasts, including yourself!


The Racing FD Car Wallet - Green is one of the most popular wallets on the market today. Created out of high-quality racing seat belts, this wallet will catch the eyes of all Car & JDM enthusiasts!

  • Safely store your dollars with our Racing FD Car Wallet - Green made for the real car-enthusiasts!
  • Each wallet is made from high-quality racing seat belts, and has plenty of storage for credit cards, cash and whatever you usually keep in your wallet!


  • Need a little boost for your keys? We've got you covered with our green NOS bottle keychain. Unscrew the top to store small items that 'magically' disappears.
  • Are you a fan of turbos? This is the right keychain for you! The turbine is of course rotatable when blown into it, and you can tune the resistance by tightening or loosening the screws.